What is a tagline or slogan?

Slogan or tagline is a phrase stating the industry you are in or a feeling to promote your business. It can be attached to your logo, used on websites, marketing materials, promotional materials, and many other places.

When do you require a tagline or slogan logo?

It is unquantifiable in terms of increasing sales, but slogans and tagline can assist an organization’s presence in the market and help people remember your product or service for a minimal cost.

Delivered attached to your logo

The finished tagline will be added to your logo and also be sent via email in your requested formats.

What are the benefits of having an effective slogan or tagline?

It emphasizes your vision and mission

It provides a clear representation of the core values of your business, demonstrating your vision and mission.

Potential customers know what you can offer them

A successful tagline succinctly communicates the benefits of a business to its potential customers, allowing them to clearly understand why they should use your product or service from the word go.

Helps your brand to be remembered

It sets your business apart, particularly if it’s original and catchy, and helps your brand to be remembered for the right reasons when potential customers are looking for the product or service you offer.

Differentiates your brand from the competition

A creative yet direct tagline that appeals to your target market helps to differentiate certain elements of your brand from the competition, which ultimately increases your brand’s market share.

We can create a custom, unique and memorable slogan or tagline for your business to set you apart from the competition. The cost includes three custom written slogans.

Make a statement with your slogan…