Ethics and Branding

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Well many people may think that branding and ethical behavior at work does not relate, or should not affect your company’s bottom line. Branding and Behaviour is relates perfectly, it is becoming more and more difficult to do without. Companies are focusing more on making their brand more about perception of the public. Increasing employee training on ethical behaviour.

Repost from online”The problem is that branding as a concept is inherently flawed. It was a cosmetic exercise that arose in the advertising age. But now the internet has flooded the world with glossy, meaningless brands and it’s often difficult to tell whether that sleek website belongs to a brick-and-mortar company or a kid sitting in his mother’s spare bedroom. What’s more, branding is now so profuse that it has actually hit pop culture and even individuals are talking about building their own ‘personal brand”.

For branding to work again it needs to evolve into a more unified approach that remarries image and behaviour so that it shapes the entire DNA of an organisation and truly brings the ideals and aspirations to life. In other words, what we do needs to match what we say.